Lela and Luna’s Nursery Tour

When Tom and I purchased our 101-year-old Victorian last year, we knew we had a lot of work ahead of us. Prior to this house, we already owned a good deal of investment properties that we had fixed up and rented out, so we weren’t strangers to renovation, but this one was definitely THE oldest and THE neediest out of our projects. We’re talking: caved in ceilings, rusted out showers, no working appliances, huge cracks in walls, a flooded basement, BATS. It took vision, hard work, and design, but we’re finally at the point (other than one little downstairs bathroom) where this three-story, ancient home in the middle of nowhere is my Dream House. And, of course, my favorite room is Lela and Luna’s nursery.

We recently upgraded both girls from cribs to twin size beds (usually with rails and bumpers on them!), and the transition has been amazing for both the girls and the room. These are the Monterey Farmhouse Bed from Delta Children, which absolutely blew away my expectations, even with a super easy assembly. (You can always use code CBCHATMAN on the entire Delta website for 15 percent off any purchase, too! They’re hands-down my favorite company that I partner with.) The changing table we bought off Craigslist, spray painted white, and stocked with different storage baskets from Target to hold diapers, wipes, and some extra clothing storage in the striped bins. I sewed all of the bedding from fabric at Hobby Lobby, and the metal car was actually another amazing Craigslist score or I would definitely link that.

The focal piece is definitely the chandelier with the medallion, which I hand-painted in bed one night while I was nine months pregnant with Luna! The actual chandelier looks incredibly expensive because of the medallion, but it is SUPER affordable at less than $200 and chic as heck. Shop here. The ceiling is painted with white paint mixed with glitter, and it looks like you’re staring up at stars when you lay in there at night (major props to my husband for that idea!).

The rocking chair that I included in my “registry must-haves” from yesterday’s post is actually from Amazon. I don’t know if I would recommend this EXACT model because it tilts forward a little more than I like, but I definitely recommend plush rockers over nursery gliders–they are way more comfy, and they transition well into “big girl room” furniture. The nightstand next to the chair was actually from the side of the road–we hand painted it white, added crystal knobs, and re-lined the drawers to hold burp cloths, blankets, and nursing supplies.

The shelves above the rocker are different styles from the thrift store. We painted each shelf with the same white paint as the side table, and then we covered them with some of our favorite family memories–our wedding pictures, little figurines from travels, and of course, this fabulous unicorn head that I ordered from Etsy and used gold-leaf paint to turn the horn sparkly.

And well, what girl room would be complete without an obnoxious amount of bows? I actually made the bow holder out of an old frame from our shed, window screening, and tiny clips bought at the hobby store. There are four pieces of gold chain ribbon hanging directly from the frame to hold ribbon bows, as well.

The girls have a decent sized walk-in closet in the room where we keep all of their clothes, and the majority of their toys are kept in our downstairs playroom to minimize clutter in here and to keep it a peaceful place for them to sleep. I highly recommend keeping toys out of your toddler’s sleeping space, if possible–nothing is worse than laying them down at night while they try to wrestle out of bed to play with whatever toy catches their eye. Keep it simple.

The actual room color is “Ice Rink” from Behr, and I absolutely love it for either a girl nursery OR a boy nursery. It’s actually the wall that’s used in the background of all of my weekly letterboard pictures, if you recognized it! Paired with the pink and white accents of the girls’ room, it definitely looks super feminine, while also being a great color to transition with them as they get older. We never planned on this being our “forever home” when we purchased it for renovation, but we’ve definitely fallen in love with it so much that I see us being here for a long, long time.

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