Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon Review

A few weeks ago, Tom and I took the kids to a little expo at the convention center. We packed up our massive stroller that can fit all three of the babies, (you know, the triple stroller that takes up half of my car, can’t steer worth anything, and makes me feel like I’m pushing a clown car around everywhere), and like clockwork, within five minutes of being out of the house, the girls wanted to be carried, Leif wanted to be held, and no one wanted to be strapped into a tandem stroller. So, here we were…pushing this massive clown car through a giant crowd of strangers, while also trying to carry three babies and keep up with our seven-year-old. Tom looked at me and said, “Why do we even own a stroller?”.

I felt so defeated. All of the dollars wasted on strollers we didn’t use, all of the energy spent trying to find the perfect one for our family…and none of them fit our needs. I met up at a playdate with one of my friends a few days later, and she rolled into the playground with a Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon, looking like a mirage in the desert. In that exact moment, I was hooked. You know that saying, “You don’t know what you need until find it?”–that’s how I felt seeing a Keenz that day. It had every single feature that my family needed, and I knew I needed to try it! I have never been more excited to share a product review with you guys. Ever.

So, for starters, the Keenz 7S is a stroller AND a wagon. When purchased, it arrives with a ton of added features at no extra cost. Ours came with a removable cup holder, a cover, a storage basket, the top canopy, and even a cooler. Assembly was incredibly easy out of the box–I literally took the cover off, unbuckled a few strapped, and BOOM–ready to roll.

There are adjustable bars on both sides, in case you want to push it/pull it/or both. They can fold down, stand up, or go to 10 angles in between, depending on your most comfortable position at your height. Whether you push or pull, the stroll is seamless, there is no veer that I could feel, and this thing handles all-terrain trails and sandy beaches like a boss. Our neighborhood minorly flooded this week from nonstop rain, and with the spring suspension on the four wheels of the stroller wagon, we were still able to push the kids through some pretty crazy puddles and light debris piles on daily walks.

The storage basket on the front is able to hold my giant diaper bag, several coats, and more. There is also a storage pouch on the opposite side that has three pockets for a more organized storage option. I was able to take ours to the grocery store and use it like a cart by removing the top canopy and using the storage basket for our groceries, which was a total game changer for us! We were in and out of the store SO much faster this way, and the grocery manager even told me he loved my “playpen on wheels”. Hahaha.

My favorite thing about the Keenz is that my kids actually stay inside of it, though!! We’ve had ours for several weeks, and no matter where we have taken it, our crew remains in the stroller wagon for the entirety of the trip. There are two five-point safety harnesses inside of the wagon, which works wonders for when our five-month-old needs to ride–it’s so safe and secure that he’s able to sit up comfortably sit up with the help of the harness. Also, when he’s sitting on one end, there is PLENTY of room to fit both girls in it! Yes, it CAN FIT THREE LITTLE PEOPLE inside of the wagon! We’ve even fit our seven-year-old in it with them, but that was definitely a snuggly fit that only lasted a few city blocks…still totally doable, though. I had been searching forever for a stroller wagon on the market that could comfortably hold the three youngest, and this thing is just the perfect size for them, without having the excess room that would make it awkward to push.

The Keenz is a head-turner, too! Everywhere we have taken it, at least a dozen people stop us and ask where we got it. Last night, on a walk downtown, a woman even asked if she could take a picture because she wanted to remember to buy one later. I remember seeing one of these when we were at Disney World in October–I basically gawked from across the park because I wanted to know exactly what it was. The canopy roof is peaked, and it also unzips to create a mesh opening on top (I like this because it shields the kids, but it also gives me a better view of them inside of the wagon). The canopy also has an awesome feature of two roll-down panels from each side that will completely black out your stroller. We used this feature the other day because Leif was asleep flat in the bottom of the Keenz (like a bassinet on wheels!), and the ability to close it off completely from light was AMAZING and helpful. They really thought of everything when they designed this thing.

Our wagon is black, and I love it for the chic but utilitarian design. The fabric is incredibly durable, and everything is easily washable…because toddlers are messy, y’all. They also come in three other cute colors, and a lot of small shops even sell customized inserts for them to make them really stand out. If you’ve been on the fence about a Keenz, they have been running some amazing promotions lately that they always announce on their Instagram, and I really can’t recommend this enough for families with a whole bunch of babies or for those of you who just want a stroller that your kids love, too! After seven years of using strollers, I finally found the ONLY ONE that has literally every single thing our family needed, and if you want to follow along more with our Keenz adventures, don’t forget to check my Instagram stories every day–we’re probably on the go and in our wagon!

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