Our Biggest Ultra Mess Ever

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Over the years that we’ve been together, I’d like to think that Tom and I have taken on some big projects. We’ve completely renovated homes together, we’ve raised four kids together, we have tackled all kinds of hobbies and projects, both small and large…but nothing will compare to the time that we decided we should try to make our own wine at home.

It started out as a harmless pin on Pinterest that we shared with each other: “How to Make Wine”. And I mean, when you see something on Pinterest, what could possibly go wrong, right? Well, the wine-making process is a long and precise one that should probably only be left to the experts. Between harvesting and fermenting the grapes, we waited several months in between each step, just to make sure we were being meticulous with our batch. We thought we were just SO smart and crafty for being able to do this at home, and we bragged to everyone who would listen about our newfound hobby. When the glorious time came to finally bottle our creation, we had a total of about 6-8 corked bottles with custom labels, which we then stored in a large cedar closet in Tom’s office, letting them age a little bit longer.

One winter night, while we were fast asleep, we started to hear loud popping sounds coming from upstairs–huge booms and crashes that woke us all up. Our dog was hysterically barking, the kids were crying, but we couldn’t find any sign of an intruder or home damage, so we cautiously went back to sleep. The next morning, as Tom was getting ready for work, he went into the upstairs cedar closet to grab a suit…and rotten grape juice was EVERYWHERE–sprayed on the ceilings, flooding the floors, and all over every military uniform in there. The bottles had spontaneously combusted in the middle of the night, and our horrible Pinterest fail caused us the biggest mess I’ve ever seen.

The rotten juice soaked into the cedar, stained the ceilings, and caused us a hefty dry-cleaning bill on those uniforms. But more importantly, it crushed our dreams, just like we had crushed those grapes. Lol. Cleanup was brutal, and I was thankful for Clorox Disinfecting Wipes for helping us remove sticky spills and staining red wine juice on every ruined surface. Clorox wipes are always our go-to for our biggest messes, and that’s why we are loving the NEW Ultra -Clean Disinfecting wipes! Ultra Clean wipes are dual-sided, 30% thicker, and textured to lift 40% more dirt than the traditional sanitizing wipes, while still killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. These wipes will stand strong through even your toughest messes or spontaneous combustions and are a perfect addition to your Spring Cleaning must-haves!


And from now until June 10th, enter Clorox’s #UltraMess contest by sharing your biggest, most outrageous mess on Twitter and how Clorox’s Ultra Clean Wipes would’ve been great for clean-up. One grand prize winner will receive a $10,000 check and a year’s supply of cleaning wipes!! The next ONE HUNDRED runners up will receive a year’s supply of cleaning wipes, too. Make sure to follow Clorox on Twitter during the contest period and use @Clorox, #UltraMess and #Contest to be included.


This post was in paid collaboration with The Clorox Company.

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