Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller Review

During its sixth time being gate-checked on a flight, our last double stroller finally kicked the bucket. The wheels were falling off, the handles were bent, and it was time to start searching for a new one. Our last double was a side-by-side, and although I did love it at first…there were a few design flaws with the old stroller that I knew I would want to change when I was shopping for a new brand. I knew I wanted stadium seats so the kids couldn’t bother each other (the girls are the queens of sibling squabbles lately), and I knew I wanted versatility/the ability to customize based off of the kids’ current ages and stages. Insert the Contours Options Elite. 😍

For starters–a lot of you know that I love my wagon, but there are certain scenarios where a wagon just won’t make the cut. Some airlines won’t check it, it is not allowed at Disney anymore, and it doesn’t give the kids a designated spot for naps (they are all crammed in one space, kicking each other when they’re tired and grumpy). So the Contours Options Elite solved all of those problems for us when we need to use a double…and honestly, I’m finding myself grabbing it as a first choice for all outings right now. It meets the new Disney stroller size requirements (pro tip: face both seats inwards while entering Disney), it’s accepted as a gate-check with all major airlines, AND each tandem seat is completely separate from the other, giving each child a reclined, shaded, and solitary place to relax.

The versatility and reversibility of the seats is what sold me, though!! Each seat is completely removable to give you up to SEVEN seat configurations, including the ability to accomodate two infant car seats (not pictured). We like facing the seats back-to-back, with one baby being able to look at me and the other baby with their eyes to the front. We’ve also toyed around with the seats facing each other, both facing the street, and even both facing me. This was the biggest game-changer for us because it is SO awesome being able to look at Leif while we push, without even using the infant car seat. Each seat can hold weight up to 40 lbs, so we are able to alternate between Lela and Leif in a seat, depending on if one wants to be worn or one wants to walk. The best part is they are SO easy to switch out! It only took me two minutes TOPS to take all four pictures below, showing my four most-used positions.

The seats are also individually adjustable between their recline, foot rests, and canopies. Our old stroller was so difficult to adjust into a recline, but with the Contours Options Elite, you can recline with the pull of one handle on each seat. The canopies are expandable by a zipper, UPF 50+, and each have a peekaboo window. I spent the last few weeks just playing around with all of the different zippers and panels on the stroller, because they really thought of EVERYTHING when they designed this. Even the storage basket beneath the seats has a side-access zipper to make everything more easily accessible.

Another huge thing that impressed me was the quality of the wheels. Immediately from taking them out of the package, Tom and I both noticed that they were unlike any other stroller wheels we had ever seen. They were such high-quality that they actually have tread on them like car tires! Once we popped them on (super easy assembly out of the box), we took it on a test drive. The stroller is incredibly easy to maneuver and steer, especially compared to other doubles I have pushed. The front wheels swivel, turning is very easy, and the sandal-friendly brake is surprisingly easy to engage once you’re fully stopped.

Folding the stroller after use is very easy, too, and it fits perfectly into the very tiny trunk of my SUV. Both seats can be completely removed easily when you go to fold it, and by doing it that way, it’s so much easier to store in a small trunk space. It also has the ability to fold with both seats still attached, but I personally enjoyed completely disassembling for a more compact fit. The frame is lightweight and aluminum, so it’s easy to pull in and out of the trunk without assistance, too.

Overall, I’m completely in love with this stroller. My favorite feature is definitely the reversible seats, and if I had to give any constructive criticism of it, I would say that I wish they made these as triple strollers, too. 😂 I love the compactness, the sleek design, and the versatility, and I cannot wait to take this beast on our upcoming travels. (I will continue to update this blog post with how well it holds up to wear and tear of our daily life. We have been using it for almost a month and there are zero signs of use so far, but stay tuned!)

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