Dining Room Renovation

You know those HGTV shows where they completely flip a house in one weekend while the homeowners are staying at a luxury hotel, drinking champagne and occasionally Skyping the contractor? There is occasionally a small hiccup like an electrical wiring problem, but the team still stays on a tight schedule to have this massive reveal where everyone cries and cheers and oohs and ahhs. Yeah, that’s not exactly how our renovation went.

When we decided to renovate the dining room, the primary concern was the hurricane damage. We thought it would be something as simple as changing out the wallpaper, something that might take a few weekends because of work schedules and the kids. We did NOT realize every surface of that 102-year-old room needed attention, love, restoration, and time. We didn’t realize the crumbling walls behind the wallpaper needed an intervention. We also didn’t realize that Tom’s job would move us to Maryland for the summer, and we’d have to walk away from the project for months. We didn’t realize that Luna would end up at the children’s hospital or that I’d randomly have a back injury. There were so many moments where life got in the way of this project, and to be very honest, it makes me love this room MORE now because we got through all of those obstacles as a family and STILL managed to complete this.

It took nine months, but we did it, y’all. We did it.

Here’s the “before” shot for reference. Notice the extensive damage to the walls. Remember, we bought this house as a total fixer-upper and knew what we were getting ourselves into…and then two separate hurricanes caused MORE damage while we were already renovating.

If you’re interested in any of the items pictures, I’ve got links for you! The hutch was something free from Craigslist that I fixed up myself, along with the two wooden chairs next to it!

White and Gold Table

Mid-Century Modern Chairs

Solid Braided Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Gold Placemats

I hand-painted the roping and chandelier medallion in Gold Leaf paint to make the room have a more ornate ceiling. The roping and medallion are just standard white plaster ones that you can buy from Home Depot! The ceiling was solid white with no detail or roping whatsoever when we first started.

And the kids’ table is a really inexpensive find from Amazon! I loved how the setup matched our table, too, and I added one of our placemats to the center to look even more matchy-matchy. Linked below!

Kid’s Table

And now the room flows so much better into the living room that we recently remodeled, as well!

I had a lot of questions about the couch and rug in here, so I’m linking those for you guys, too!

Two-Piece Curved Sectional

Distressed Persian Rug


Any other links that you want or questions you have, let me know!

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