Because everyone deserves access to creating pretty pictures, no matter what their budget is. FREE DOWNLOAD and tutorial below!

Growing up, my favorite outlet was photography. I would sit in the closet of our single-wide trailer and take pictures of stray cats on disposable cameras I got in thrift store bins (I still sometimes post the throwbacks on my IG stories!). By the time I was in high school, I had saved up enough money for a digital camera and a computer by working at a local restaurant, but even then, spending a ton of money for editing pictures was SUCH a foreign concept to me. So, I’m releasing my four most-used presets for free — FREEsets.

What are presets, you might be asking? Presets are one-click editing settings saved in the Lightroom app in your phone. It’s a pre-configured style that you can easily apply to every picture you upload into the app. If you’ve ever wondered why some Instagram accounts look SO cohesive, it’s because they use the same “preset” on every picture. I typically bounce around between a bunch of presets (commitment issues), but these are my four most-used. “Basic” is the one I use for every single story slide. “Chill” is when I need a lower temperature but contrasted look. “Colorful” is for the pictures that look boring and you want to majorly spice them up with some color and sass. And “Sunny Day” is so beautiful on beach pictures where you want a high temperature, bright, sunny look.

I’m NOT a professional photographer. I didn’t go to college to design these. I’m just a random mom who somehow found success on Instagram with my pictures. There are much more thorough tutorials out there and companies who can offer support with your paid downloads from them, and as a busy mom of four, I just can’t personally offer that level of tech support. So I want to make mine free for everyone, since I made them for free myself! If I can help even ONE person make beautiful pictures on a budget, I’m happy. Lightroom Presets always require just a tad bit of “tech-savi-ness” to download, but I’m going to try my best to make this easy for EVERYONE to download in only four steps.

To download the presets:

1. Download the Lightroom app on your phone!

This is the correct Lightroom app!


2. Click the BIG link below to download the four presets.


I have them as a .zip file, which you will need to UNZIP once downloaded. This is going to be easiest to do on your COMPUTER where you can then email the files to yourself or upload to a cloud storage to access and download on your phone later. But you could also download the WinZip app to your phone and unzip from there (these are extremely user-friendly apps that will let you open the files directly in Lightroom, which lets you skip step three completely). There are FOUR .dng (photo) files in the zipped folder that will appear when unzipped.

TROUBLESHOOTING: the files might show up as a blank image or say “unsupported file type”. Continue to download them the same way as you would a regular picture! The actual image with the loaded preset will definitely still appear once opened in Lightroom, even if it’s blank on your photo gallery or email!

If you are seeing a white screen with code on it, close the app. Go to your phone’s primary browser (Safari on iPhone) and manually type the website in ( and then click the download link again. Some people are having issues downloading when accessing this page directly through Instagram.

There will be the words RAW across the top of the image when you’re selecting it in Lightroom; it just means it’s a Raw DNG file.

Also, these files were created in the summer of 2019, so if you’re already an active LR user, they might show up further back in your chronological LR feed!

If you are using iZip, there might not be the option to download them as images because of the file type, so select “Open in Lightroom” and skip step three.

Some awesome resources if you’re new to unzipping and need help: unzipping on a chrome, unzipping on a Mac, unzipping on Windows, unzipping on Android, unzipping on iPhone

3. Open up the Lightroom app. To add one of the new presets, click on the (…) Settings option in the top-right corner of the app. Choose the “Add Photos” option. On the next screen, choose the file location you will be getting the .dng from. Since you saved them to your phone in Step One, choose “From Camera Roll”. Select the DNG/Preset files you would like to import. This step may be a little different depending on your mobile phone, however most phones offer a way to select multiple files/images, so you should be able to select all four at once! If not, repeat these step for every file.


4. Now you can create presets from the .dng files! Click on one of the newly imported preset files, then click on the three dots inside a circle in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. From there, choose “Create Preset” from the menu that pops up. Give your preset a name (you can use the name that’s located on the picture with Edgar!). Do these same steps for each DNG/preset file.


Now for the part where you can actually use your new presets!

Go back to your main photo gallery in Lightroom, add your favorite images from your phone, and then select one that you would like to edit. (Remember, these work best on COMPLETELY UNEDITED PICTURES. If you’ve already done iPhone or Snapseed editing, the picture might look a little bleached with additional preset editing done!) Once you have it open, swipe left on the bottom options until you see “Presets” and click there. It will open with your most recently used preset collection (if you saved them by default, select “User Presets” to access them, or if you saved them to a unique preset folder, pick that!). Scroll through the new Cbchatman presets until you find the one that works best with your picture. When you are finished adding the preset, click the check mark in the lower right corner.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If you aren’t seeing the presets you just downloaded in the preset list… click the dropdown at the VERY top of the preset list and select “User Presets” from the list of different Lightroom preset groups. The Cbchatman Freesets should appear in “User Presets”! See below:


Remember! Every picture needs its own attention to detail, so if you aren’t completely satisfied with the look, head back to the “Light” tab and slowly adjust the Exposure and Contrast! This will make the biggest difference!!

I hope that’s helpful! There’s a lot of great Youtube videos you can find with instructions about downloading presets, as well, if you’re more of a visual person. These are formatted the exact same way that purchased presets would be; so any mobile preset downloading guide would be able to walk you through the process. Happy editing! And if you want to upload your photos edited with the new presets, tag me @ cbchatman and use hashtag #CbchatmanFreesets so I can see and share, too. 🙂